What is UltraFucoidan?

What is fucoidan?
Fucoidan is a natural super food derived from seaweed. It is known for its abundance of macronutrients and health benefits. Fucoidan is a complex sulfated polysaccharide large molecule found in the cell-wall matrix of brown algae and seaweed, and contains high amounts of L-fucose. Fucoidan also contains other monosaccharides (mannose, galactose, glucose, xylose, etc.), uronic acids, acetyl groups, and protein.  The effects and benefits of UltraFucoidanTM are to support immune, cardiovascular, skin, and digestive health.

Fucoidan containing foods such as seaweed are known in the traditions and history of many Asian countries as a staple in their diets which accounts for the health benefits leading to longer life. It wasn’t until the past several decades that biomedical research has extensively studied the effects and benefits of Fucoidan. Several studies have established the mechanisms by which Fucoidan is utilized by the body to generate vital hormones and enzymes, and these studies have elucidated the role of fucoidan in helping to improve immune, cardiovascular, skin, and digestive health.

Is all fucoidan the same?
UltraFucoidanTM is unique and has the most advantages. Our proprietary manufacturing technologies allow us to maximize the sulfate content, at over 25% with maximum bioactivity, to optimize therapeutic properties. This feature results in the highest concentration of antioxidant compounds for the strongest bioactivity. Therefore, UltraFucoidanTM is the best fucoidan on the market today.

In addition, the source of Vesta’s UltraFucoidanTM derives from the Laminaria and Undaria species grown in Korean ocean waters, which are considered an enriched and natural body of clean, unpolluted water.